S3 equips and guide international students seamless integration into U.S. College culture, teaching essential networking skills, and developing a clear plan for the post-graduation job market.  Learn more>


The mission of the CAP program is to counsel, guide, and assist US and international students to gain admission to accredited colleges and universities around the world.

The pathway programs are IAA’s exclusive programs of study designed to prepare students for advanced study in American universities and colleges.  Learn more>


The High School Pathway gives students in international high schools a head-start to an American university education.  The 3-year curriculum takes students from basic English to college-level academic work.  College credits courses are offered through the State University of New York, New Paltz and Syracuse University,  


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The Undergraduate Pathway is a international student’s fast track to an American Degree.  The 2-step study pathway enables international students to meet the academic goals effectively and affordably; first by completing a program of study in the home country and second by transferring to a partnering American university to complete the remaining coursework in their degree programs. Students understand exactly what courses to take, thus save time and money by avoiding repeat coursework.

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The Graduate Pathway prepares prospective graduate students with strong graduate course fundamental by focusing on analytical tools and course subject knowledge.  Combined with our training on advanced level academic English skills for  graduate research and quality English communications, this program provides opportunities for international students to demonstrate the initiative, drive and skills that top graduate schools look for in their applicants.  ACCEL Graduate’s course credits offers opportunities for transfers or foundation course waivers.

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International Academic Alliance (IAA) is an education service company that collaborates with higher education institutions to provide quality, high-demand academic programs to students in the US and abroad. IAA offers programs in pre-nursing, RN to BSN, Global Business, and more, in addition to hosting a variety of domestic and international camps and programs catered toward high school students. IAA prides itself in assisting many groups of people, but not losing sight of the individual, in an effort to create customized education pathways to success.

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