IAA's Learning Platform:  eLnet.

In order to fully perform in your classes at IAA/St. Rose, you’ll need to access your account via eLnet, our new learning platform. 

Why eLnet?

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You'll be able to access not just your final grades but your grades for assignments/ exams throughout the semester.

Notification from Instructor

Receive notification from your Instructor about due dates, midterm dates, finals, etc.

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Chat with your fellow classmates when they are online and be social!



Your Instructor will post ALL materials on eLnet like, syllabus, assignments, discussion boards, etc.

Submit Your Work

Submission of your papers, assignments, projects will all be done via eLnet

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Notification from IAA

Receive notifications from IAA about class cancellations, etc.

Getting Started

Step 1.  Check personal your email.  

You should have received an email from chee-kian.tan@iaaprograms (our IT support) providing IAA email login credentials.  This email should be sent to the email address you provided your Advisor the first time your enrolled at IAA.  Here's a sample of it.



Step 2.  Sign into your iaaprograms.com email.  

Type in your login credentials (IAA email address and password) provided to you in the email from our IT staff as shown in step 1.  



Step 3.  Check your iaaprograms.com email.

Now that you're logged in, you will noticed that you have some unread messages.  One of them should be from chee-kian.tan@iaaprograms providing you eLnet login credentials.  This email should provide information on your eLnet username, password, and a link to our eLnet portal at elnet.iaaprograms.com.



Step 4.  Login to eLnet.

Once you are directed to elnet.iaaprograms.com, input the user ID and your password provided in the email sent to your IAA email, as shown above in Step 3.  


Now that you're in eLnet... 

To fully utilize eLnet, you may refer to the below videos to navigate your way around eLnet. 

Updating Your Profile


Accessing Your Course


Communicating through eLnet


Need more help?  

Feel free to contact us at elnet@iaaprograms.com.  Thank you!